Garage Door In Disrepair? Two Reasons To Have A New One Installed Today

13 December 2021
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Your garage is one of the most important spaces in the entire home. Whether you use the room a little or a lot, it's great to know that you have an area that can be used to store unused items and place your car to keep it out of the elements. The garage is essentially protected by the stability of the garage door. However, like anything else, garage doors can eventually break down and fail to be as secure as they were before. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

5 August 2021
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While you may not give your garage floors a lot of thought, it's an area of your home that receives a lot of wear and tear. Think about everything you do in your garage and the messes that can end up on your garage floors. If you want to protect the flooring in your garage, an epoxy garage floor coating is ideal. Epoxy coatings are an excellent and affordable option for those who want an additional layer of protection for their garage floors. Read More 

Garage Door Spring Repair Questions

5 January 2021
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The spring of your garage door is a critical component, as the tension from this spring will make it easier for the opener to control the door. Whenever this part of the garage door system starts to experience problems, it could have major implications for how the garage door will function. Opening Very Slowly A common sign that the garage door spring is suffering from problems can be the door opening very slowly or failing to open all the way. Read More