Garage Door Spring Repair Questions

5 January 2021
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The spring of your garage door is a critical component, as the tension from this spring will make it easier for the opener to control the door. Whenever this part of the garage door system starts to experience problems, it could have major implications for how the garage door will function.

Opening Very Slowly

A common sign that the garage door spring is suffering from problems can be the door opening very slowly or failing to open all the way. If the spring were to lose some of its tension, it will not be able to exert enough force on the door to be able to open it rapidly. This problem will gradually worsen until the door is no longer able to open. Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair the spring when it has suffered a significant amount of damage, and it will have to be replaced to restore the performance of the door.

Door Is Unable To Remain Open

Many individuals will want to leave their garage door open to maximize ventilation. The tension from the spring will allow the door to stay open in the same position as it will be able to provide steady resistance. A garage door that gradually closes when you leave it open is a major indication that the spring has reached the end of its lifespan. However, this problem could also be the result of more serious problems with the motor, and a professional inspection will be needed to determine the type of repairs that the system will require. Fortunately, these inspections should only take a little while for a professional garage door repair service to perform, and they can provide the information that you need to effectively address your garage door opener's performance problems.

Grating Sound Coming From The Overhead Spring

A grating sound coming from the spring as the door is opening and closing can indicate a number of different issues with it. One of the easier problems to repair can be a lack of lubrication. This could allow enough friction to be created to cause the spring to make these noises. Sadly, this noise could also be a result of the spring becoming warped, which could lead to it rubbing against other components of the door opener. A warped spring will likely have to be replaced, and this can be an issue that arises due to the spring being installed incorrectly the first time. More precisely, over or under-tightening the spring can cause pressure on the spring to be uneven, which can contribute to this type of warping.

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