Garage Door Installation In The Spring Or Summer Makes Sense

13 April 2023
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When your garage door is in bad or dangerous condition, you need to replace it right away. However, if your door still has a little life left and you have some flexibility, it is helpful to wait for the right time. For many people, the ideal time for a new garage door installation is the spring and summer season; learn why.

Stable Weather Conditions

The spring and summer months typically provide a more stable weather environment in comparison to the fall or winter. During the cooler months, high winds, snow, and harsh cold are often the norm. Certain weather conditions make it impossible to complete the project safely and put the equipment used to install the door at risk. Not to mention, these conditions can increase the time it takes to complete the project.

Decreased Demand

Given the weather issues that arise during the cooler seasons, homeowners tend to be more motivated to have a damaged door replaced during this period. Anytime there is more demand for a particular service, the length of time the average customer has to wait is also increased. If you wait until the spring or summer months, when demand is likely less, you can probably have your new door installed in a shorter amount of time. 

Less Inconvenience

If your garage door installation only involves swapping out your old door for a similar option, the installation process should not take very long. However, if the door design is different, there are additional features that need to be repaired, or there are weather delays, it may take upwards of a day to complete the process. In the fall or winter, this extension means that you will be unable to use your garage to house your vehicle. At least during the warm seasons, if there is a delay, it will be less of an inconvenience to park outside. 

More Incentives

Again, it is not unheard of for demand to decline during the spring and summer. As such, some installation companies and door manufacturers will offer incentives to entice homeowners in need of new doors to go ahead and complete the installation process. These incentives can range from discounted installation fees to opener systems upgrades. If you have a unique door, such as a custom wood door, these incentives are an especially helpful way for you to save money. 

Speak with an installation expert to find out if you need to have your door replaced. For more information about garage door installation, contact a local company.