How To Remove The Slack In Your Loose Garage Door Opener Chain

11 December 2015
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A slack garage door chain can prevent your electric garage door opener from opening the door properly, if at all, and can damage the sprocket or internal gears of the unit. That's why you need to take a few minutes to adjust the chain to remove the slack; the job is simple, and anyone can perform it with a few basic tools. Below are the instructions, as well as a list of tools and materials you will need, for tightening the chain on your garage door opener. Read More 

5 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Garage

10 December 2015
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Winter can take a serious toll on your garage. Unless you make adequate preparations, winter can lead to a garage door that's frozen shut, a concrete floor that's stained from salt and the elements, and other potential issues. Luckily, there are things you can do each year to prep your garage for winter. Here are five great ways to winter-proof your garage: Use Garage Floor Mats In the winter, car tires and your shoes track in all sorts of snow, rain, salt, and other potentially damaging debris. Read More 

Protect Yourself Against Garage Door Spring Failures With These Simple Tips

9 December 2015
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Given enough time and use, your garage door springs will eventually wear out. However, you don't have to wait until you've experienced a catastrophic failure before having them replaced. Instead, you can use the following preventative steps to ensure your garage door springs aren't at their limit. With these steps, you can avoid the possibility of damage to your garage or serious injury to you when dealing with garage door springs. Read More 

Three Common Automatic Gate Issues During Cold Weather

8 December 2015
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You installed an automatic gate to provide you privacy, security, and an extra level of protection. It is nice, especially during cold weather, to roll up to the gate and have your gate open in front of you, as well as close behind you. Unfortunately, during cold weather, there may be a few things that keeps this from taking place. The good news is, there are easy things to check that might get your gate working again. Read More 

Garage Door Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

30 November 2015
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You may already know that garage door maintenance is important. Regular maintenance helps to keep all moving parts functioning properly and smoothly. However, if you make mistakes during the maintenance process, then you may inadvertently damage part of your garage door or leave it exposed to damage. If you want to keep this from happening, then read through some of the common garage maintenance mistakes in this article and find out how to avoid them. Read More