What You Need To Know About Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

5 August 2021
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While you may not give your garage floors a lot of thought, it's an area of your home that receives a lot of wear and tear. Think about everything you do in your garage and the messes that can end up on your garage floors. If you want to protect the flooring in your garage, an epoxy garage floor coating is ideal. Epoxy coatings are an excellent and affordable option for those who want an additional layer of protection for their garage floors. Here are three things to know about epoxy garage floor coatings. 

They Are Affordable

Epoxy garage floors are an affordable option that offers protection for your garage's concrete flooring. The square footage and the condition of your garage floors will impact how much it costs to add a coat of epoxy. Higher square footage and garage floors that are damaged will cost more to coat with epoxy. On average, the cost of adding an epoxy floor coating will be in the range of $3 to $12 per square foot.

It Looks Good

While epoxy flooring is a great way to protect your concrete garage floors, it also offers aesthetic benefits. When you add an epoxy coating, a smooth and visually appealing surface is the result. Add-ons like color chips are also a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your garage floors. Epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and resists staining due to oil, cleaners, chemicals, and other substances that end up on garage floors. Epoxy is easy to clean, allowing you to maintain your garage flooring and keep it looking great.

Dry Time

If you decide that an epoxy garage floor is right for your needs, you will need to consider dry time and how it will impact your routine. It will take between 24 and 36 hours of dry time before you can walk on your new epoxy floors. You'll have to wait even longer, around 48 hours, to move heavier objects like lawnmowers back into your garage. Finally, it will be up to a week before you can park your vehicle on your epoxy garage floor.

Epoxy garage floor coatings are an excellent option for protecting your garage floors and improving their appearance. Epoxy coatings are an affordable option to protect your garage floors. Epoxy floor coatings also add visual interest and enhance the appearance of garage floors. Just make sure you consider dry time and how it will impact your routine before committing to an epoxy coating.

For more information, reach out to a business that provides epoxy garage floor coating services.