Three Reasons To Have Taller Doors On Your Custom Garage

29 November 2022
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When you sit down with a local garage builder to discuss the construction of your custom garage, you might start by deciding what square footage and shape you want the structure to be. With these things figured out, you may want to decide how the front of the structure will look. While a lot of people are satisfied with conventional garage doors, another option is to choose garage doors that are taller than average. Your builder can show you several different designs, and you may feel that these doors can be a better option for you. Here are three reasons to have taller doors installed on your garage.

Larger Vehicles

Most standard vehicles can fit through a standard-sized garage door opening, but there are some vehicles that are simply too tall to drive through this opening. You don't know what the future brings, and if you feel there's even a tiny chance that you might own a larger vehicle at some point in the future, having your garage equipped with taller doors will be a decision that you appreciate once you purchase your new vehicle. For example, if you end up buying a tall camper van, it wouldn't likely fit through a regular door opening but could easily go through a taller opening.

Easier Storage

If you expect to use your new garage for storing a variety of your family's large recreational devices, you'll likely find that taller door openings are handy in lots of ways. For something as simple as carrying a canoe or kayak in and out of the garage, having more clearance space overhead as you walk through the door opening will lessen the chance of banging the boat on the doorframe and potentially causing damage to the boat or the frame.

More Light

Taller garage door openings will allow more light to flow into the garage when the doors are open. This can be ideal if you plan to spend a lot of time in this space. For example, someone who intends to use part of the garage as a hobby space or workshop will appreciate having as much natural light as possible. Larger garage door openings will let more light into the garage than standard-sized openings, which can help the garage feel more spacious. Be sure to discuss the many different garage door sizes that are available when you meet with your builder so that you can choose the right size for your structure.

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