About Garage Door Spring Issues

8 April 2022
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Springs and tension is what helps to hold your garage door in place and get it to move up and down evenly and securely. No matter how much ongoing maintenance you provide your garage door parts with, they will eventually wear out due to normal wear and tear that is put on them. It's important for you to understand some of the things that can contribute to problems with the springs of your garage door. You also want to know what kinds of signs to watch for that can indicate there are problems going on with the springs, so you know when you need to call someone to come repair the problems. Here's more on this: 

Things that can cause problems with the springs

Rust can cause major issues - Rust is a common problem with garage door springs that causes them to break. If you see that there is rust on your springs, then you should have them replaced to be on the safe side. 

Door jams can lead to issues - Dirt and grime will accumulate in the tracks of the garage door. As time goes on, the debris in the tracks can cause the garage door to jam. When the garage door does end up jamming, it can be hard on the springs and this can lead to them having problems. They may lose some of their tension or snap. 

Signs that there is an issue with the springs

The door squeaks - If you are starting to notice that the garage door is squeaking when you go to open and close it, then there might be a problem with the springs. If you know that the garage door has been properly lubricated, and you hear that squeaking, then you want to have someone come see if the springs need to be replaced. 

The door isn't functioning properly - If your garage door starts to have problems staying up when you open it, opening slowly, or not opening at all, then have someone come out to repair the door. It is likely that there are problems with the springs. Once you have them replaced, then the garage door should start functioning like it is supposed to again. 


Anytime you notice problems with the garage door that make you wonder if it needs to be repaired, you want to act quickly. You don't want things to get worse or for the garage door to get to a point where it is a danger.

Contact a repair technician to learn more about garage spring repair