Tips For Selecting The Right Garage Door

2 November 2018
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While it is appropriate to purchase many things for your home online, buying a new garage door isn't necessarily one of them. Garage doors are not always standard sizes and a door that doesn't quite fit is really going to become a bigger project than necessary. Also, the style of the door will greatly affect the look of your home. Making the wrong choice will result in a home that doesn't look right and the wrong door may also affect the door's functionality.

To keep you from selecting the wrong replacement garage door for your home, below is a list of tips:

Tip: Buy a Garage Door with an Insulated Core

If your garage is attached to your home, then this is one of the main places where the house loses energy efficiency. Since the garage is a large open space, it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Additionally, a door that isn't insulated makes things worse. As the space gets too cold or too hot, this will affect the rooms next to or above the garage. 

When replacing a door, especially if it is for an attached garage, always choose one with an insulated core. These doors have internal foam insulation layers and combined with some robust weatherstripping will greatly reduce heat and cooling losses.

Tip: Choose a Wood Grain Finish Over Actual Wood Doors

Wooden garage doors look amazing. However, they are also a major pain to keep looking wonderful. The doors have to be sealed continually or they will weather and soon look like an old wooden fence. If you put off the project too long, then you will have to completely sand them down before sealing.

In addition, wood doors are heavy and can be a danger for small children and pets.

If you want the look of wood but want a lighter and safer replacement garage door, then opt for a vinyl or steel door that has been finished to look like it has a wood grain. Both types of doors only require washing with some soap and water to keep them looking great. 

Tip: Consider Consulting a Custom Garage Builder to Assist with the Door Selection and Replacement Project

Since buying a new garage door isn't an inexpensive project, you should consider consulting with a custom garage builder. By having the door professionally measured and relying on the builder's experience selecting doors matching various home styles, you will end this home improvement project with a beautiful door that looks like it was installed when your home was built.