Three Unique Garage Door Styles To Add Style And Value To Your Home

22 October 2015
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To many homeowners, the garage door seems mostly like a functional apparatus rather than a decorative element. While your garage door does serve an important function by keeping your valuables safe, clean and secure, that does not mean it cannot also add to the style and value of your property. If you're looking for a way to give your home exterior a face lift, then consider saying goodbye to the basic, aluminum garage door and instead fitting your garage with one of these uniquely styled doors.

Carriage-Style Garage Doors

If your home has a traditional, country-style look, then a garage door that resembles a carriage house door is a great choice. This style of door typically has multiple small window panes towards its top. The main panels are constructed of vertical wooden slates. Typically, carriage-style garage doors consist of two side-by-side, matching doors. Some are painted and others are left stained. They swing outward to open, and most new designs are compatible with an automatic opener (though you will need one made specifically for swinging doors).

Note that you do need to have enough space in front of your garage in order for this style of door to be an option, since they swing out rather than sliding up like your typical garage door. If you're short on space, try looking for "mock" carriage house doors. These are generally constructed from aluminum and made to slide up like your typical garage door, but painted and designed to look like a carriage house door from a distance.

Celtic Cross Garage Doors

For homes with a rustic, European look, a Celtic cross garage door is a suitable choice. This style of door typically has horizontal wooden panels used for its main construction. Then, a metal overlay made to look like a Celtic cross, with a broad center and edges, is added on top of the wood for looks and support. This metal is often wrought iron, which gives this style of door a very stately appearance. You could really pull your home's look together by pairing it with a matching wrought iron fence.

Celtic cross garage doors can often be constructed and installed in an overhead door fashion, meaning your door will slide up like a regular garage door. If you would prefer one that swings outward, however, you should be able to find this more authentic style through a specialty garage door company.

Textured Metal Garage Doors

If you have a very modern looking home, a textured metal garage door can give it a unique, artistic and industrial vibe. This style of door is not your basic, flimsy-looking aluminum door. It consists of multiple metal panels made from steel, titanium or a similar metal, and each of these panels shows a different finish or pattern. Some may be reflective, while others might look rough or cross-hatched. There are an array of options, so you'll have to do some shopping around to find one that suits your taste. Some have uniquely shaped windows, such as windows in the shape of the moon or in abstract geometric arrangements, which makes them stand out even more.

Because they are thin, most textured metal garage doors are capable of being installed in an overhead door manner and opened with a typical garage door opener. However, if you have the space, there are also some very futuristic-looking, bifold metal garage doors that fold to the side when they open. Just keep in mind that these don't work well in areas with a lot of snow, since the snow can get trapped in the folds and keep them from closing properly.

Your garage door has a pretty large surface area, so picking a stylish one can really transform the look of your home. The designs above are just a few of those likely to be offered by a creative garage door company, so get out there and explore your options, choosing the one that speaks to you the loudest.